Personalised Engraved Pint Glass

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Personalised Engraved Pint Glass created by Omega Designs. A great way to make a gift feel more personal and add to any gift box or hamper. 


We are proud to support other Local businesses in Jersey and are delighted to have Chris from Omega Designs on board. Read below to find out more about Omega Designs

Based in st Lawrence and owned by Chris Goguelin, I originally set up the business "Omega Networking" in January 2020, to start selling Wi-Fi blocks which i had created with the help from a friend over here who was doing all the laser engraving work for me, but when the pandemic hit i had already ordered my own laser engraver and with all the pubs and hospitality venues closed, my Wi-Fi blocks were going nowhere, so i decided it was time to adjust the business and start Omega Designs.
I find it great to see the look on peoples faces when a design idea they have come to me with has been completed and they see it for the first time, whether its a picture engraved onto wood or a simple engrave on the bottom of a bowl, each item i work on gets the exact same treatment, if i'm not happy with it, i sand it down and re do it, nothing leaves the workshop until i'm happy with it and my son has given it his approval - which usually is "Nope, not nice!" but i've learnt that meant he thinks it's pretty good, he just doesn't want to tell me!

Lead time - Leave 3 days from order to delivery . Contact us for bespoke designs. 

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