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MADD Beard Co.

MADD Beard Co. New Rope Tash Wax 15ml

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    • Product of Genuine Jersey


    • Made with locally produced Hemp oil


    • A pea-size amount is all you need. Rub between your finger and thumb and work into your moustache and style as needed


    • Contains a blend of 100% Natural Waxes, Butters, Oils and Essential Oils. Vegan friendly


For the discerning gentleman wanting good hold for his epic moustache, our moustache wax is just what you need and is the perfect complement to our range of oils and balms.

A small amount warmed through between your finger and thumb them massaged into your moustache is all you need to hold whatever style you’re aiming for.

Hemp was used in Jersey over 100 years ago in the construction of rope which featured heavily in the shipping industry. For the scent, we've gone off-spec, purely because we really liked the pine scent we came up with and we're sure you'll love it too.

Allergy Info: Please perform a patch test before use. Whilst our oils are 100% natural, they may contain allergens to certain individuals.

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